While strolling down St. Paul Street in Old Montreal for our e-session, we stumbled upon Malteste, a fine art photography gallery. The artist, who goes by the same name, follows the maxim in search of the sublime. And I for one believe that he may have found it. Immortalizing the fleeting, ephemeral beauty of nature, his pictures are simply breathtaking. Looking at The Chief, a close-up of a lion, it seems like you can reach out and touch it's rough mane. The detail is so incredible, you can feel, smell and hear with your eyes. That is Malteste's gift.

The pictures all have a magical quality; a touch of the impossible. It's the crispness of the image, the surreal colours of a landscape, the sheer visual weight of the subject. I was impressed by the beauty of Malteste's work, but I was floored when he told us that none of his pictures were digitally retouched. Using different lenses, natural light and his incredible talent to his advantage, what he captures is what you see!

But simply describing it is not enough. Check out Malteste's work here. Take a look and see the stories these photographs have to tell.

Due to copyright laws, I won't post any of his work here, but I will post a picture from our e-session that was taken in the gallery. Now, you can witness the work of two genius photographers.

The pictures are even more beautiful and spin-tingling  in person, displayed with a high gloss acrylic finish. If you're in the area, it's definitely worth a look. For information on Malteste, his work, location and workshops, click here. And for the Playboy interview, click here.